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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Alternative film shot in Rosendale

A small film crew from New York University spent the afternoon filming a scene Patricia Gillespieat Rosendale’s 32 Lunch restaurant in Fann’s Plaza last week. “Sparrow Lane” is the doctoral thesis for graduate student , who hails from the area of nearby Catskill, NY. Many of the film’s scenes are located in the Hudson Valley. […]

Notes & briefs from April 13th, 2011 town board mtg.

One-click infrastructure Rosendale has joined the internet age by purchasing highway department equipment through Online Auctions International. A 1998 Chevy 3500 Dump Truck was located for $4650, which is about a thousand dollars cheaper than what highway superintendent Carl Hornbeck could find through conventional channels. ”Most state, county, school district, and local municipalities use it […]

Rosendale town board votes to buy Joppenberg Mountain for $85,000

Rosendale’s local government decided to go forward with the controversial purchase of Joppenberg Mountain for $85,000. The vote came at a contentious meeting last week on April 13th, where council members disagreed along party lines: three Democrats in favor, against two Republicans opposed. The night was marked by occasional outbursts, eventually leading to the ejection […]

Joppenberg Attorney Joe O’Connor Speaks to Crowd

A unique viewpoint was expressed at the April 6th public hearing in Rosendale, when Joppenberg Mountain attorney Joseph E. O’Connor spoke on behalf of his client, favoring the town purchase. The attorney‘s comments offer a rare glimpse into the historically opaque corporation. “I’m not an open space person, per se,” O’Connor said, whose family has […]

Rosendale officials strive to protect public drinking.

The town of Rosendale is mulling an open container law, to prohibit the consumption of alcohol in public places. A draft based on a similar New Paltz ordinance was proposed by police chief Perry Soule. “Someone could walk down Main Street right now, with a bottle of beer, or a bottle of liquor,” noted supervisor […]

Big turnout for Joppenberg hearing

The Rosendale Recreation Center was filled to capacity on April 6th, for the public hearing on Rosendale’s proposed purchase of Joppenberg Mountain. The 495-foot peak looms over the downtown business district as a local landmark, sitting upon 117 acres of undeveloped forest and waste, wrapping around the north side of Main Street from the trestle […]

Wifi activists petition town for better internet access

Marbletown held a brief public hearing during the April 5th town board meeting, regarding a proposed local law to amend the town code. Changes revolve around the process for meeting schedules, clerical duties, application requirements & review for heritage preservation. Mary Ann McCorkle, vice chair of the historic preservation commission, said “we support the changes, […]

Smart Growth Proposed by Marbletown’s Hamlet Task Force

Marbletown officials held a public workshop Saturday, April 2nd at the High Meadow Performing Arts Center, to present the Draft Hamlet Strategic Plan. Over a hundred people packed the auditorium during the two-hour session, which generated questions from residents focusing their concerns about residential sprawl. Part of the economic development planning initiative for Marbletown, the […]