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Monthly Archives: September 2011

James Street residents in Rosendale enjoy nature’s roadblock

The intense hurricane which swept through New York during the weekend of August 28th left many areas devastated. But for residents of James Street in Rosendale, the collapse of their road into the Rondout Creek has helped ease ongoing traffic issues. James Street has been closed to thru traffic since Hurricane Irene’s aftermath, due to […]

New Little League Field for Rosendale, at Creek Locks Parcel

The Rosendale town board unanimously decided to allow the Rondout Valley Little League use of municipal property on Creek Locks Road for a new sports complex. The current location at A.J. Snyder Field in Lawrenceville has been frequently washed out by flooding of the Rondout Creek. Over a hundred little league supporters came out to […]

Zombies invade Rosendale

Main Street in Rosendale was invaded by several hundred zombies last Saturday, on the afternoon of Sept. 17th. The walking undead creeped around Rosendale’s business district for roughly 45 minutes, slowing motorist traffic along Rt. 213, while devouring the brains of several residents — who were unable to escape their slow but relentless advance. Eventually, […]

Rondout Valley Little League, devastated by floods, seeks new ballfield

The little league baseball field in Rosendale, located in the flood plain of Rondout Creek, has been washed away once again by the latest round of rain storms. The A.J. Snyder field in Lawrenceville, off Rt. 213 near Cottekill Road, was deluged with huge swells in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Mario Restivo, Tillson resident […]

Rosendale bolsters town emergency preparedness plan

Rosendale town officials scrutinized their emergency response efficiency at the Sept. 7th workshop meeting, in the wake of last week’s devastating rain storms. The discussion took place near the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks in Manhattan. “I would like to recognize all the victims including all the emergency personnel who lost their lives […]

Zombie hordes poised to invade Rosendale

In the wake of an earthquake, followed by power failures, collapsed infrastructure, and several devastating floods, Rosendale is bracing for it’s biggest disaster challenge yet — a zombie invasion. Legions of walking dead have been spotted ambling southwards towards town, from Saugerties and Kingston. Scientists believe they are attracted by Rosendale’s large quantity of fresh […]

Turnover & Makeover for old Astoria Hotel in Rosendale

Mike Ruger is putting the finishing touches on his latest property venture. The grand opening for the 1850 House, at 435 Main Street in Rosendale, is just around the corner — probably sometime in October. Known locally as the Astoria Hotel, this three-story Bed & Breakfast, located along the banks of the scenic Rondout Creek […]