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Notes & briefs from April 13th, 2011 town board mtg.

One-click infrastructure

Rosendale has joined the internet age by purchasing highway department equipment through Online Auctions International. A 1998 Chevy 3500 Dump Truck was located for $4650, which is about a thousand dollars cheaper than what highway superintendent Carl Hornbeck could find through conventional channels. ”Most state, county, school district, and local municipalities use it now,” he told the town board. “This is a service we’ve been using for a while, we always make out pretty good with it,” agreed town supervisor Patrick McDonough. Hornbeck involuntarily resurrected the Dark Ages, when he came to the April 13th town board meeting and accidentally turned off the lights while leaning against the back wall — to the laughter of people in the audience.

Turn off that idiot box!

Kathy Wade of the Rosendale Youth Center has requested the town board issue a Proclamation for a Screen Free Week, urging kids to deactivate their televisions, computers, and instead engage in traditional games & outdoor activities “The average child watches over 1250 hours of television annually, while spending only 900 hours in school,” noted town supervisor Patrick McDonough. He said that the annual Proclamation helps “foster increased social, physical, academic and creative development.”

Scheduled for the week of April 18-24th, the Screen Free Week ironically conflicts with a weekend event at the Recreation Center sponsored by the Rosendale Chamber of Commerce, involving playing with Ninetendo Wii consoles. Councilman Richard ”F-Stop” Minisalli remarked, “I’ll second it, as long as they don’t come to my house and check.” Councilwoman Manna Jo Greene supported the effort to keep kids eyeballs off the glass orb. “It is astonishing to spend 1250 hours of television of television — this is an average number — some kids have to be watching all summer long basically,” she stated.

Seniors have last laugh with early hearing

A public hearing for Local Law #2 of 2011 has been set to be held on May 4, 2011 at the Rosendale Recreation Center. Code amendment changes will be discussed including review of existing sign regulations, and creating a new B3 zoning district. The time has been moved earlier to 6:30 pm in order to accommodate senior citizens. “They don’t drive in the dark, the lights bother them,” said Dorothy “Chicky” Sterritt, who spoke on behalf of the senior community.

The town board was sympathetic to the senior‘s concerns, and readily moved the hearing time earlier in the day. “When it’s something this important, not for every public hearing,” explained councilwoman Manna Jo Greene, who noted that many obscure pubic hearings draw no more than a handful of citizens. “I believe that zoning changes are significant.” Greene also suggested a liaison from the town board to attend one of the senior meetings, “we figure out each time who’s available, and that way we can get input.”

Greene said “I like to canvas other boards and commissions on issues that come before the town board, and I think it’s really important that the seniors be heard.” Also, added Greene, “to have a conversation to hear what the seniors are thinking.” While attending early, Green quipped she will be using her own time piece. “Just so you know, the seniors set this clock five minutes fast, I go by my cell phone.”

Don’t shoot the messenger

A woman from Tillson asked the town board what they knew about laws regulating how close to private property people can shoot off BB-guns. Town supervisor Patrick McDonough suggested that she take her questions to the local chief of police. “I think that would be a conflict of interest,” the woman answered, “seeing that it’s his business partner.” McDonough then told the lady to contact him at the supervisor’s office instead.

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