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About Rosendale Forever [tm]…

It was about ten years ago (2001) that I registered the internet domain name For most of the decade, it looked like this. Meanwhile, I moved out of town and began another website called Mamakating Messenger. People really liked that page, so when I came back to Rosendale, I decided to carry the format over.

The articles you see here have all been published in the Shawangunk Journal. This website contains the unedited versions. There may be uncorrected mistakes. Everything herein must be considered a work in progress, and merely the author’s opinion — regardless of presentation style.

Anyway, the concept is to combine multimedia and social networking in a way that allows everyone to participate. So there is a Facebook page called Rosendale Forever [tm], and an upcoming television show by the same name. Eventually, a book will be written using the same title.

Rosendale Forever [tm] is a trademark of the registered website owner. Please direct all inquiries and comments to:

Robert E. Walters
966 Elting Rd.
Rosendale, NY 12472 USA


forever (at) rosendale (dot) info