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Rondout Valley Little League, devastated by floods, seeks new ballfield

The little league baseball field in Rosendale, located in the flood plain of Rondout Creek, has been washed away once again by the latest round of rain storms. The A.J. Snyder field in Lawrenceville, off Rt. 213 near Cottekill Road, was deluged with huge swells in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Mario Restivo, Tillson resident […]

Rosendale bolsters town emergency preparedness plan

Rosendale town officials scrutinized their emergency response efficiency at the Sept. 7th workshop meeting, in the wake of last week’s devastating rain storms. The discussion took place near the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks in Manhattan. “I would like to recognize all the victims including all the emergency personnel who lost their lives […]

Rosendale creek reaches highest point since flood control project began

Hurricane Irene swelled the Rondout Creek in Rosendale to levels unseen in this town, since the terrible floods of August and October of 1955. Waters rose swiftly Sunday to within a few feet of the Rt. 32 bridge, with Fann’s shopping plaza completely deluged. Resident Jesse Debberman joked, “Dollar General, you ain’t worth nothing now,” […]