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Rosendale creek reaches highest point since flood control project began

Hurricane Irene swelled the Rondout Creek in Rosendale to levels unseen in this town, since the terrible floods of August and October of 1955. Waters rose swiftly Sunday to within a few feet of the Rt. 32 bridge, with Fann’s shopping plaza completely deluged. Resident Jesse Debberman joked, “Dollar General, you ain’t worth nothing now,” […]

Rosendale pool crumbling, in need of replacement

Part-time Rosendale employees who work at the swimming pool made a presentation regarding the poor conditions for swimmers. Councilman Ken Hassett introduced the concerned workers at the Aug. 10th town board meeting. Tara Burke, new recreation director, said the pool suffers from similar woes of the town water department: old pipes, cracks, potholes, and leaking. […]

Rained-out car show a complete success in Rosendale

Rained-out car show a complete success in Rosendale Rosendale’s rained-out car show last month saw a wet empty field. Nobody came, yet the canceled event nevertheless earned roughly $2,000 in local charitable fundraising. The 7th annual Rosendale youth program car show was scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, May 15th — but was called off […]

Rosendale officials strive to protect public drinking.

The town of Rosendale is mulling an open container law, to prohibit the consumption of alcohol in public places. A draft based on a similar New Paltz ordinance was proposed by police chief Perry Soule. “Someone could walk down Main Street right now, with a bottle of beer, or a bottle of liquor,” noted supervisor […]