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Turnover & Makeover for old Astoria Hotel in Rosendale

Mike Ruger is putting the finishing touches on his latest property venture. The grand opening for the 1850 House, at 435 Main Street in Rosendale, is just around the corner — probably sometime in October. Known locally as the Astoria Hotel, this three-story Bed & Breakfast, located along the banks of the scenic Rondout Creek […]

Festive events mark end of summer season in Rosendale

A bevy of cultural happenings were held last weekend around fun-filled Rosendale. The week, tainted by summer rains — culminating with torrential downpours on Sunday afternoon — did not dampen the spirit for hundreds of locals who turned out for events. Friday night kicked off the “premier” of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, at the […]

Green builders host information seminar at Williams Lake

The USGBC Hudson Chapter presented a sustainability discussion at Williams lake resort on the evening of Wed., Aug. 4. Tim Allred, project manager for Hudson River Valley Resorts (HRVR) discussed the green vision alongside Chris Mendel, landscape architect with Andropogon Associates, and Brandee Nelson, an engineer with Crawford & Associates. About thirty people attended. Allred […]

Metzger sweeps Democratic caucus in Rosendale

Nearly four hundred Democrats turned out at the Rosendale recreation center Monday night, to take part in town Democratic Caucus. Jen Metzger beat out challenger Jeanne Walsh by a margin of 260 to 135. The parking lot was filled to capacity, as voters and spectators alike milled about outside the building, waiting several hours for […]

Rosendale town board meeting July 13th, 2011

The Rosendale town board and planning board will be submitting comments regarding the Williams Lake Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), administered by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The matter revolves around a large hotel off Binnewater Road, which developers propose to demolish and rebuild. A public hearing was held on June 6th at SUNY […]

Rosendale town board mulls Williams Lake DEIS response

The Rosendale town council made a 30-minute discussion at the June 8th regular meeting, deliberating local municipal response to Williams Lake. A voluminous Site Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) application is pending approval before the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). “We’re not going to have final comments that are a consensus of the entire town […]

Factions clash at Williams Lake DEIS hearing

“Pros” outnumbered the “cons” five-to-one at Monday night’s Williams Lake Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) hearing, held June 6th, 2011 at SUNY Ulster’s Quimby Auditorium in Stone Ridge. The general public supports a new hotel at Binnewater. The hearing was held under the auspices of New York’s Site Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) proceedings, a […]

Williams Lake Debate: Environmental Protection or Family Feud?

Tuesday night’s public hearing at SUNY Ulster’s Quimby Auditorium is gearing up to be the longest governmental meeting in recent memory. The comments begin at 4pm on June 6th, and are scheduled to continue eight full hours until midnight. Written comments will be accepted for 60 days. DEC is the lead agency to consider the […]